We kill the gap between the techie and the finance professional.

We are self-proclaimed ‘nerds’ with a love for IT and an impeccable knowledge of accounting. We understand cash as well as cache and are therefore the perfect financial partner for tech-entrepreneurs.

We love tech

Our jobs might not look-a-like, but we love tech and IT just as much as you do.

Ballsy accountants

No mountain too high for our team of gifted experts. Challenge already accepted.

We know your business

We specialize in IT, speak your language and know your specific KPI’s.

Efficiency all the way

We redesign your admin process and link-up all software. No more double entries!

What we do

A short list of the standard services that we offer:
  • Annual/periodical reports for management and investors
  • Implementing a reward policy that will keep your staff happy
  • Payroll is being taken care of from A to Z
  • Implementing our knowledge and network of investments and acquisitions
  • Connecting all systems for optimal admin
  • Financial coaching when desired or necessary
  • Liquidity forecasting based on our broad knowledge
  • Tax optimization to make 'satisfying the king' as beneficial for you


The money geeks
  • Tim

    Gutsy bookkeeper

    It’s a dirty job, but Tim doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Annual reports, general accounting, declarations…you bet Tim is on it. And pretty darn good at it!

  • Tessa

    Relationship Manager

    Guardian angel and dashboard queen. Makes sure you are being taken care of accordingly, by the right people, in understandable wording. So, keep her close.

  • Sam

    Team Leader

    Our shepherd through the valley of darkness. A guiding light. Will steer his team and clients towards success and growth. All while wearing a big smile on his face.

  • Charlotte


    She’ll get it fixed before the blue envelopes start piling up. Charlotte’s got the Midas touch on branche-specific tax laws like WBSO and 30 percent regulations.

  • Ronald

    IT Implementation Consultant

    Problems please! Ronald is in his happy place when he’s facing a tech challenge. Ask him to link your admini-strative systems and you’ve got yourself a merry man.

  • Kaspar

    Finance and M&A specialist

    Money money money money…moneyyyyyy! Kaspar is even smoother than the O’Jays song. In need of financing? Selling or acquiring? He’s your go-to-guy.

  • Peter

    Business Consultant

    Talk, talk, talk – Strategical and financial coordination, setting KPI’s or scaling up? Go and have a chat with Peter. But beware: it could be a long chat.

  • Johan

    Salary admin and HR consultant

    Not only the finest wines benefit from aging. The finest people too. Your co-workers will be in the capable and experienced hands of our administrative wizard.

  • Martijn

    Implementer and accountant

    Setting you up for success. Provides a great administrative setup, a nicely working automated process and a smooth transition to a successful future.

Full Stack in action

Tailor-made fixes to your problems
Efficiency rules

Webshop X‘s administration was a bit sloppy and tedious, because it required a lot of manual interference. After our diagnosis, we have replaced their software, linked it up with ours and automated the entire process, saving 80% of their time on some components. We’d created live dashboards for them as well, to give the owners and their management realtime overview to truly steer the company towards a profitable future.

Growth & options

Things were going pretty well for developer of custom-built software Y, when they were facing a difficult choice: proceed with their core-business, invest in a number of self developed apps that they expected to excel or to continue doing both. We helped with the reality check. We looked into the company’s available capacity, financial and commercial possibilities and used our broad knowledge of the branch to advise them on their way forward.

Cash is king

Green tech developer Z had some exciting plans. Growth aplenty and financing wasn’t going to a problem either. We have reviewed their figures and discussed the implications of develop-time and go-to-market-time. However, they ran out of money before the company was turning in black numbers, so we rewrote their entire financial proposal and raised extra capital. The investor gladly saw the realism in our proposal and still keeps contact on a monthly basis.

“I’m Winston Wolfe. I solve problems”

Pulp Fiction

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